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Digitize the management of your business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software allows you to integrate, manage and coordinate all of your operational processes, such as finance, accounting, purchasing, production, inventory management, human resources and sale.

With an overview of the various activities of the company, the AZ ERP software package will help you automate your time-consuming administrative tasks, streamline various operations, reduce your costs and improve profitability.

Thanks to our 100% Swiss management software for SMEs, have a modular structure that evolves according to your strategic needs and offers perfect integration into each work environment. Only available in french version

Utilisateur AZ ERP heureux dans son entreprise PME

The AZ ERP business management software offers great customization thanks to its modular structure that is truly adapted to your needs.

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Simplify your financial flows and accounting entries

With a simple and intuitive tool, you can monitor your financial situation and the activity of your business. A turnkey solution for your accounting team. Thanks to a fluid navigation, it will be quick for you to consult your accounting data and project yourself on your future investments.

  • Unlimited number of accounting mandates.
  • Predefined and configurable Swiss charts of accounts.
  • VAT statements and management according to Swiss standards.
  • Ability to add attachments to entries.
  • And more ...

Debit and Credit Management

Your daily business monitoring

At the heart of your business, our module will allow you to fully monitor your business transactions. A live view that will allow an in-depth analysis of your needs to intervene as quickly as possible in the management of your customers and suppliers.

  • Debit and Credit Management
  • CRM, management of your address books.
  • Creation of sales documents (QR-Invoice) and purchases.
  • Support for ISO20022 file formats.
  • And more ...

Digital Team




Optimize the management of your resources

Effectively manage your inventory levels, orders, supplies and inventory movements within a company.

  • Facilitate production and purchasing planning.
  • Collection features.
  • Live stock view.
  • And more ...


Automate and simplify payroll processing

Monthly payroll management has never been easier. Thanks to a fully automated tool in full compliance with Swiss legislation. All the data is centralized on a functional and complete interface to improve your daily HR management.

  • Unlimited number of employees.
  • Adapted to each type of remuneration (contributions, bonuses, allowances, etc.)
  • Payroll payments via e-Banking.
  • Salary certificates and regular updates of the latest regulations in force.
  • Integration of salaries in financial accounting.
  • And more ...

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Add Additional Functionalities